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BAC - Bank Of America - Bank stocks after a several years slump are finally starting to shine.
PANW - Palo Alto Networks - There is nothing hotter than network security, as hackers continue to steal our data.
GE - General Electric - We bring good things to life, including a 3% dividend. Stock has been a slow, steady gainer.
PNRA - Panera Bread - This is a great company with a huge following of loyal customers. Stock continues to forge higher.
GOOG - Google - Google still has a stranglehold on the internet search market, shift to mobile has been positive. recently renamed itself "Alphabet".
Incy - Incyte Corporation - Biotech stock has been on fire this past year, future prospects look good.
MON - Monsanto - The fertilizer and agriculture business is booming, pick up this winning stock today.
FB - Facebook - Facebook has always had lots of users, now the stock is starting to reflect improving revenues. Move to mobile has been a huge success, simply a winner.
CPB - Campbell's Soup - Who said soup is boring, well this stock isn't. Stock is doing quite well recently. Even if you don't like the soup, the dividend is tasty.

Who is
We are a group of former Wall St. traders who after enduring "countless pressure to trade certain issues" from our bosses. Left our brokerage firms and set out on our own to offer a unique service and perspective to the public. Being a "top level" trader myself in the NASDAQ market. I still have access to important information inside these brokerage firms, as well as analyst data that is not made available to the public. This allows us to take advantage of "momentum trades", "insider trades" and "large block trades" information. Ensuring that we take positions in the "right stocks" at the correct time. This ensures a high return on investment for our clients.

Why are we different than a broker?
We don't "force feed" our clients stocks that they don't want. We instead offer simple to understand information, as well as a list of the top prospects in our stable of stocks. When I worked at a brokerage house I was forced by the firm manager to push certain stocks on our clients. These were the same stocks that other brokerage houses "pushed" at the time. You may have been burned on some of these stocks yourself in the past. I have often felt uneasy about some of the trades I made when I worked for these firms, but had little choice at the time. 

Then, after years of consulting with some fellow "high level traders" I found that the same thing was happening in their firms. We were all appalled at the trading practices that went on, but had little say in the matter. We felt that if we branched out on our own and offered our extensive knowledge on the internet, that we could not only make people a lot of money. But clear our conscious in a way that we had never done before.  Hence the launch of

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